Month: January 2022

Fulbright in Communication panel accepted to ICA

Perreault, G., Pearce, K. E., Bowman, N. D., Oeldorf-Hirsch, A., Kranstuber Horstman, H., Kingsley Westerman, C., Freiling, I., Dubois, E., Kaur, S., Dorrance Hall, E., Denes, A., Baykurt, B., Wirz, D. S., Bowe, B. J., Henrichsen, J., Friedlander, J., & Goodwin, C. (2022, May). The Fulbright experience in communication. Blue Sky panel to be presented at the 72nd annual conference of the International Communication Association (ICA), Paris, France.

Chapter in new book

Oeldorf-Hirsch, A. (2021). The role of engagement in learning from active and incidental news exposure on social media. In F. Shen (Ed.), Social media news and its impact. New York: Routledge.