FOUR advisee / advisee-led papers accepted to AEJMC ’24

Very proud of the work of my doctoral advisees, co-advisees, and former advisees!

Top Paper

Rao, A. Weight-stigmatizing news images as visual misinformation: Investigating Facebook’s ‘related articles’ feature and comments as counter-information. Visual Communication Division.


Pierre, L. & Oeldorf-Hirsch, A. Exploring how internet literacy and algorithmic awareness influence passive and active social media engagement behavior. Communication Technology Division.


Williams, B., Oeldorf-Hirsch, A., & Denes, A. Contrasting perceptions of online oversharing behaviors between digital natives and digital immigrants. Communication Technology Division.

Baumel, K. Social interactions on TikTok: Exploring the social interaction triangle in a queer social media context. Communication Technology Division.